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Shoot Schedule

Ground Shooting Matches:

The Gila Rangers hold their regular match on the 2nd Saturday of every month year round

at our Fowler City range in the Mimbres Valley. (6 Stages)

Sunday shoots are currently suspended until further notice.

~ ~ ~  Shoot Schedule Start Times & Fees  ~ ~ ~

Spring/Summer/Fall ( April - October )

8:45 AM: Registration, Posse Assignment and Safety Briefing

9:15 - 9:30 AM: Let the Shooting begin!


Winter ( Nov - March )

9:15 AM: Registration, Posse Assignment and Safety Briefing

9:45 - 10:00 AM: Let the Shooting begin!


 Shooter Fees: Members range fee is $10.00 Daily / Non-member is $15.00 Daily

First time at our range for monthly shoot?  SHOOT FREE!

Bring a Picnic Lunch to the monthly Matches... We usually take a break around noonish!

Be sure to check this site before all shoots for up-to-date information (i.e.: cancellations due to weather or other?).

It has to be really bad before we cancel a shoot, but occasionally we must.

Cancellation notification will be on the Home page and email sent to Members the night before.

Dry Camping is FREE

Fowler City can accommodate Dry Camping for tents and RV's. (outhouses onsite)

Free RV Water can be obtained at Fowlers Lumber Building.

(Just mention you are here for the Gila Ranger shoot).

The Geronimo Trail Shoot Out, in now held during the Memorial Day Weekend in May. Friday thru Sunday. 

The SASS® New Mexico State Championship (when we hold the State) will be held in conjunction with

Geronimo Trails Shoot Out.

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