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Lat – Long    32.919131N x 108.002236W

The Gila Rangers Range is located in the Mimbres Valley, about 30 miles north of Silver City.

We can accommodate Free Dry Camping for tents and RV's. (outhouses onsite)

Free Water can be obtained at Fowlers Lumber Building.

Contact a Club Officer for details.


Coming West on I-10: At Deming, take Exit 82B to Silver City on NM180. Follow the sign for the City of Rocks State Park and NM Highway 61. Follow NM61 until you come to the junction of NM61/NM152. Turn left, go 1 mile, to the junction NM152/NM35. Take NM35 north, see local directions below.


Coming East On I-10: At Lordsburg, take Exit 20 to Silver City on NM70 to the junction NM70/NM90. Turn right onto NM90, travel until you get into Silver City. You will come to junction NM90/NM180. Bare right on to NM180 and follow it out of town until you come to junction NM180/NM152 in Santa Clara. Left onto NM152 north about 14 miles to junction NM152/NM35. Take NM35 north, see local directions below.


From I-25 onto NM152: (see note below*) Turn at Exit 63, the junction I-25/NM152 towards Hillsboro. Stay on NM152 until you get to the Mimbres Valley (Approx 50 mi). Take NM35 north. BUT... see Important Note and the local directions below.


LOCAL DIRECTIONS: Once on NM35, go 9.5 miles. The turn off to the range will be on the right at a local gravel pit operation. There is a double swinging gate (South Gate) and for large events, there will be a sign on the road. Turn right into Fowlers bearing to right, go across the Mimbres River (normally a dry river bed) and proceed straight about ¼mile to Fowler City Range. 


* IMPORTANT NOTE: On Local Routes:  NM152 from the junction of NM180 to the turn off on NM35 is hilly. If you are pulling a large RV or driving a motor home allow some extra time. 

NM152 over the Black Range to/from I-25 is NOT recommended for those pulling large trailers or motorhomes, especially with underpowered vehicles. This mountain road is very winding and narrow with lots of hills to pull. To avoid this, stay on I-25 to Exit-41, Hatch to NM26. About 40 miles longer, but lots safer

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