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Above right photo by Mary Alice Murphy and courtesy of The Silver City Daily Press


General Photos

Geronimo Trail ShootOut'15

Fowler City Ranges

Geronimo Trail ShootOut'14

Geronimo Trail ShootOut'13

Geronimo Trail ShootOut'12

2004 SASS

NM State Championship

Victorio's Run '04

2008 SASS

NM State Championship

Southwest Border Dispute'08

2005 SASS

NM State Championship

Victorio's Run '05

Geronimo Trail '04

Border Dispute '05

 Border Dispute '06

Wild, Wild West Day Shootout'05

Gila Ranger Road Show

Duncan Rampage '05

Mounted Shootin'

Rio Mimbres Runs Wild


The Duck Rustler - Geronimo Trail '11

The Half-A-Hand Harmonious Hangin'


Wild Wild West Day '07 - June 2nd

Contingents from the Gila Rangers and the Texas Street Outlaws enact a Street Party and Saloon melodrama on the downtown streets of Silver City.