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“The Gila Ranger Exchanger”




After a tenuous start for the event planning, the Wild, Wild West Days events, produced by the Gila Rangers (The Rodeo Parade, the Melodrama “Saturday Night in Silver City”, and “Whiskey & Friends” Street Dance) all came off without a hitch, thanks to the hard work of many members and generous community sponsors.


We found that, within our club and community, we have many, many talented people, willing to donate their time, talents and efforts. There were memorable moments in the sequence of skits that made up the show.

 > “Who was that Drunk? Would you buy a car from him?” Thank you, Iron Horse Trader!  > “That Gramer Family can’t shoot straight, or hold their whiskey!” Thanks, Attitude Annie for letting your children play with us! > We also had a little class added by the Dulcimer Doers, Cobre Folklorico Dancers, Bayou Saco, and Texas Street Outlaws. > And what about that BILLY the KID! How (Mary Lee) ‘Sloshed’ was she?)

For all who participated… a great thank you! The Club’s Treasury was enriched by $350 for your efforts. If you’re interested in reviewing the melodrama, Chico may have a limited supply of VCR Tapes or DVD’s.


While this production was being organized, a great deal of manual labor was going on at Fowler City, updating and upgrading the Range facilities. Two shooting ranges were refreshed with repairs and paint, two ranges were entirely revamped, one range was mothballed, and a new range added. All through the hard work, sweat and tears of Lead Foulin’, Bud Guzzlin’, Attitude Annie, Chico Cheech, Tom Three Persons, WW, and yours truly, Capt Eli, plus logistic and supply support from Fowler Land and Cattle Company.


As final work on the rangers was being completed, the participants for the Southwest Border Dispute were arriving, ready for hard shooting and lots of fun! Fifty six competitors formed into posses to sling lead downrange. We had great weather, with the rain holding off until all of the stages were finished. We all enjoyed great food by the Eastern Star, and, as always, great camaraderie, culminating in a dance under the stars, played by our own musical super star, El Canelo (Porky Hernandez)!


2007/8 Membership is fast approaching 40, undoubtedly due to the Club’s new “ STINKIN’ BADGES!”  …which were designed and commissioned by Capt. Eli. (Available for the mere price of $25.00)

                                                             OR it could be…

That the Black Range Regulators have joined forces with the Gila Rangers, and shoot on the Fowler City venue the Sunday after the regular Gila Ranger 2nd Saturday Shoot! That’s a two day shoot every month. This makes for a great weekend of good camping, good shooting, and good fellowship!


Club members should be aware of the following upcoming events and Club issues.

> This coming Saturday Shoot… August 11th. The New Mexico Shooting Sports Association is visiting our range, and will be hosting lunch for all who attend. They have contacted the other CAS clubs in the area and invited them to join the fun. We should have quite a gathering for a weekend of shooting and this event.

> Don’t forget to put September 14th-16th on your schedule for the Big Stampede in Ole’ Magdalena.

> Club members are working on new and improved Shotgun Targets to enhance the shooting fun.

> For all who had not received or read the Annual Meeting Minutes, the Membership reinstated the existing club officers for this new year… Bud Guzzlin’ Pres./  Led Foulin’ VP / Chico Cheech, Treasurer / Capt Eli Secretary / and WW, Territorial Governor.

> The board reminds the membership to participate when they can in pre-shoot Friday work days.

> And, until further notice, our Mounted Shooting schedule is suspended.


Don’t forget to keep-up on the latest happenings by visiting our website…


Hoping to see you out at Fowler City, SOON!


Capt Eli and Mary Lee Sloshed


The Rangers may be conducting regular scheduled Mounted Events on the 4th Sunday of every month, 9:30AM-2PM from February through October.

(except May - the Arena is preparing for the Rodeo)

Check the 'Home' & 'Mounted' pages for the latest status on all scheduled gatherings.

E-Mail Alert Notices:

Gila Ranger Members get regular e-mail Newsletter Alerts on current events and shoot schedules. But, be sure to check this site before all shoots for up-to-date event scheduling information. It has to be really bad before we cancel a shoot, but occasionally we must. Schedule changes and cancellation notification will be on the Home page. To be sure you are notified, sign up here to receive the Gila Rangers Newsletter Alert by e-mail.


The Gila Rangers 'Cowboy Code of Conduct'

WANTED!... Stage Writers

Please contact our Safety Marshal Benton McCaleb for a month that is open. Once you get your month, write your stages and turn them in to the Safety Marshals for review and printing. Please try to have your stages submitted a several weeks in advance so that they can be review and processed. Remember, it's 5-6 stages for the 2nd Saturday shoot. 

Below is a list of the members who are writing stages for the Second Saturday Shoot. We will give you any guidance you need. This is a good way to get started.



For new shooters, the Gila Rangers is inviting all those who would like to try Cowboy Action Shooting, but don't have all the proper weapons or clothing to come join us and shoot in a new category called Tenderfoot.

Bring that DA revolver and pump shotgun out and give it a try. You must use only lead bullets, no jacketed or copper wash ammunition is allowed. So don't let the lack of pistols, shotgun or rifle stop you from coming out for a fun day of shooting. We ask that you dress sort of cowboy. Please no baseball hats or tennis shoes. Levi's, a cowboy shirt, cowboy hat and shoes will do just fine. There will be a nominal fee of $5.00 for those shooting in the Tenderfoot category. This category will be open at all our monthly shoots.

Gila Ranger Board and Officers...  see---> Contact Us

Officers are elected at the Annual Club Meeting held in early July for one year term July 1 to June 31. Territorial Governor is also elected for a one year term, July 1 to June 31, and is also a Board Member at Large. All officer positions and TG's can be elected for more than one term. Committee Marshals are appointed by the board of officers from member volunteers.