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1st Sat.

 Bighorn Vigilantes

 Otero Practical Shooters

 Del Norte Diablos formerly

     Rio Rancho Regulators

 Founders Ranch

 La Luz


 Rio Rancho

 Tom Luker

 Saguaro Sam


 Chimayo Red

 (505) 281-6075

 (575) 437-3663


 (505) 672-1583

 1st Sun.

 Buffalo Range Riders

 Chisum Cowboy's Gun Club

 Founders Ranch


 Estancia Kid

 Two Bit Tammy

 (505) 832-6882

 (575) 626-9201

 2nd Wed.

 Rio Grande Renegades


 Rooster B.

 (505) 550-9230

 2nd Sat.

 Gila Rangers (you're here)

 Rio Grande Mounted Rustlers

 Lincoln County Regulators

 Rio Vaqueros

 Angles and Outlaws




 T or C


 Chico Cheech

 Buckskin Doc

 Dirty Earl

 Dusty Star

 Kantankeres Tank

 (575) 388-2531

 (505) 440-0257

 (505) 681-1377

 (575) 744-5411

 (806) 223-7496

 2nd Sun.

 Gila Rangers (you're here)

 Lost River Cowboys (Non-SASS)

 High Desert Drifters

 Tres Rios Bandidos

 Silver City/Mimbres




 Chico Cheech

 Whiskey Runner Dave

 Texas Tiger

 El Mulo Vacuero

 (575) 388-2531

 (575) 623-9201

 (505) 550-9230

 (505) 632-9712

 3rd Sat.

 Rio Grande Renegades

 Lost Almost Posse

 Seven Rivers Regulators


 Los Alamos


 Rooster B.

 Packin’ Parson

 Stink Creek Jones

 (505) 550-9230

 (505) 412-7805

 (575) 885-9879

 3rd Sun.

 Rio Vaqueros

 T or C

 Dusty Star

 (575) 744-5793

 4th Sat.

 Picacho Posse & Gun Club

 Tres Rios Bandidos

 Monument Spring Bushwhackers

 Los Pistoleros

 Las Cruces




 Lefty Too Slim

 El Mulo Vacuero


 J. Frank Norfleet

 (575) 644-2994

 (505) 632-9712

 (575) 369-9280

 (505) 563-0545

 4th Sun.

 Rio Grande Renegades


 Rooster B.

 (505) 550-9230

5th Sun


 Rio Grande Renegades


 Rooster B.

 (505) 550-9230


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     El Paso Saddlery - Rigs and Leather goods

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     James Country Mercantile - Clothes and Cowboy merchandise

     Kempf Gun Shop - We've Got Ya Covered, A Variety of Cowboy Action Accessories

     Kirkpatrick Leather Co. - Fine Holsters and leather goods.

     NMSSA - New Mexico Shooting Sports Association

     Stuff about shooting sports in New Mexico. Check out their site and monthly newsletters.

     NRA - The National Rifle Association® Home Page

     Oregon Trail Bullet Co. - Brass & Ammo

     Pack Timers - Timers and Monitors

     Pistol Grips   Fine Grips for your SA Firearm

     Sportsman Guide   Clothing, Sports and Recreational Supplies

     Sportsman's Warehouse - A sportsman paradise for hunting, fishing and camping.

     Guns, ammo, reloading, clothes, outerwear, footwear, and gear.

     Starline Brass - Brass & Ammo

     US Firearms Manufacturing Co, Inc.  Hartford, CT. - Toll free: (877)-227-6901
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     Walker '47 - General Store

     Wild West Mercantile - Clothes and Cowboy merchandise